Sleep Heart and Respiration (SHEAR)

The SHEAR research group is based on a collaboration between associate professor Harald Hrubos-Strøm at Akershus University Hospital and professor Toril Dammen at Oslo University Hospital, both University of Oslo. 

Our research is focused on airflow during sleep and personalized treatment of sleep disorders. We have contributed to the development of the platform. We are currently developing a shared decision aid tool and a clinical, standardized secondary diagnostic package for patients with sleep apnea and treatment non-adherence. These projects are funded by Nordforsk, Innovative medicines initiative, scientia fellows and ØKS interreg.

We are also developing personalized treatment for OSA endo- and phenotypes including disturbed sleep and insomnia. The development of specific interventions are funded by «Horizon 2020» and «Eurostars» respectively.

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Hrubos-Strøm co-author on article about vigliance in OSA: http://Obstructive sleep apnea-related intermittent hypoxaemia is associated with impaired

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