nose, Apnea, tongue and Sleep Retraining (NATS) research

The NATS research group is a sub group of the Otorhinolaryngology research group located at Akershus University Hospital campus. Please refer to for information about the main research group. 

The word «natt» is Norwegian for night. Our research is focused on the development of personalized treatment for obstructive sleep including the use of sleep retraining tools (SRT). SRT focuses on awareness of the senses, bony structures and muscles around the nose and in the palate, the tongue and other muscles involved in the act of swallowing.

Three different SRTs are presented at the platform. All three are based on biofeedback from «valueless self report» and «exercise quality reporting».  -«Valueless self report» focuses on sleep and the sensory receptors of the head and neck and «exercise quality reporting» on specific training of muscles around the nose, in the soft palate and tongue.

Words of force (inspired by «Invictus» by William E Heneley)

Out of the sheets that covers me
Black is the night from pole to pole
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul

*A scientific paper validating the use of digital spoon scales for measuring tongue strenght has been accepted for publication by PLOS one. A link will be provided when the article is published.