Sleep retraining tool for daytime performance

  • The effect of SRTs has not yet been scientifically tested. The scientific background is presented here:
    • 1: Define exactly what you want to improve (eg. tennis serve in 2x2m square)
    • 2: Measure and log baseline performance on a specific outcome (eg. hits in 2x2m square) and baseline muscle strenght of the tongue and lip. Strength on some NATS muscles can be measured with a digital spoon scale* or by a medical device:
    • 3: Schedule and log daily valueless self-report and NATS-exercises as described in the book written by dr. Hrubos-Strøm:
    • 4: Measure and log performance on the specific outcome and muscle strenght of the tongue and lip.

Words of force (inspired by «Invictus» by William E Heneley)

Out of the sheets that covers me
Black is the night from pole to pole
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul